Our Services

Oslo Patentkontor AS has more than 100 years of experience with intellectual property rights. We ensure that our clients have an optimal strategy and a conscious relationship with their intellectual properties. Our experienced trademark attorneys and lawyers ensures that your trademark has the best possible protection and can enforce these rights when needed. We have knowledge of the pitfalls and what is required in order for you to obtain the broadest protection possible/desirable for your trademark. Our trademark experts have long experience in registering trademarks both in Norway and abroad.

For representation or further questions, please contact us by phone number +47 21 00 90 00 or by email: tm@oslopatent.no

Our services comprise:

  • IP strategy
  • Searches in Norway and abroad
  • Drafting the specification of goods
  • Submitting applications in Norway and abroad
  • Responding to all Communications and Official Actions issued by the Norwegian Industrial Property Office (NIPO) or the EUIPO
  • Licensing and sale og trademarks
  • Enforcing trademark rights
  • Portfolio management
  • Renewals
  • Processing cases before the Boards of Appeal
  • Litigation