Patent Validation in Norway

Your European patent can be validated in Norway.

For validation purposes, a translation of the claims into Norwegian must be filed within three months from the date of publication of the mention of grant of the patent in the European Patent Bulletin. If the patent was granted in German or French, it is also necessary to file an English or Norwegian translation of the description and any claims by the same deadline.

In addition to the translation, it is also necessary to file:

  • The EP application number and/or publication number
  • The patentee’s name and address
  • Power of Attorney (unless we already have a General Power of Attorney from the patentee)

If we are to represent you, we must file a Power of Attorney. If the Power of Attorney is not filed with the validation request, the NIPO will issue an Office Action giving a term of one month to file the document. Failure to file the document by that date will result in the NIPO deleting us as agent of record. Any further correspondence from the NIPO will be sent directly to the patentee, at their recorded address.

Annuity fees are due annually on the last day of the month of the filing date of the European application (or the international filing date for the Euro-PCT application). This means that the first annuity fee in Norway is due on the first anniversary of the effective filing date after the date of publication of the mention of grant of the patent.

The official fee for validation is NOK 5,500. Additionally, we will charge an agent fee.

If the validation request and translation are not filed within the 3-month deadline, the EP patent will not be valid in Norway. It is possible to request re-establishment of rights. Certain time limits apply. Please note that the Norwegian Patent Office applies the “due care” criterion strictly.

It is possible to publish a Norwegian translation of the claims before grant. This will establish provisional protection in Norway.

It is also possible to make amendments to the translated text. An amended text may be submitted throughout the whole term of the patent. If the patent is re-issued, for example due to a patent limitation, it is necessary to supply a new Norwegian translation within 3 months from the re-issuance date.

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