Norway’s most trendy, modern and up-to-date IP firm

In January this year Carl Oppedahl announced in his blog that the Norwegian Industrial Property Office is the second patent office world-wide, after IP Australia, that he characterizes as «trendy, modern and up-to-date», at least as far as DAS is concerned. The background for this statement was that the NIPO, as the second patent office in the world, had implemented the Digital Access Service, DAS, in every way that it was possible to implement it. DAS is a system that will make it possible for every participating patent office to pick up their priority documents in an electronic environment, thus eliminating the need of sending certified paper copies to every country where protection is sought.

At the same time, he launched a competition to be recognized as Norway’s most trendy, modern and up-to-date IP firm. In order to get this recognition, one had to be the first Norwegian IP firm to send him four priority documents via the DAS system: one for a trademark, one for a design, one for a national patent application and one for an international patent application. We took the challenge!

It turned out that Oppedahl’s announcement was a bit premature. The NIPO had not completed all the necessary system changes in January. But we did not forget this competition!

The NIPO’s systems are now ready and working. We have sent four priority documents to Oppedahl, who has now confirmed what we have always known: We are Norway’s most trendy, modern and up-to-date IP firm!

Kudos to the NIPO for their early implementation of the DAS system, which we are confident will become very useful once more patent offices participate.

You can read more about the DAS system here.

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