Intellectual property rights are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, a strategy for securing and protecting these rights becomes increasingly important for companies. A large part of having an exclusive right is to maintain and enforce it. Our legal experts have a broad experience in providing legal assistance within design, patent and trademark rights, as well as other fields of intellectual property such as company name rights, domain name rights, copyright and marketing and competition law.

Unauthorized use of someone else’s intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, patents or designs, is called an infringement. Should the parties fail to reach an agreement, in case of an infringement, the right holder must consider taking legal actions, such as administrative procedures as well as litigation.

Our legal department consists of experienced attorneys-at-law and associates who provide legal assistance in conflicts regarding infringement of your intellectual property rights, as well as conflicts where you are accused of infringement. We will assist you in these matters by guidance, assessment and counseling. Legal assistance at the very beginning of a conflict may in many cases help reduce your total costs related to the case.

Our legal department also works closely with our patent attorneys, and thus we are able to provide you with a unique legal assistance with great insights in all technical fields and industries. This separates us from more traditional legal firms.

We have a large network both at home and abroad, and we are therefore able to contact and work with other legal expertise both within and outside the above-mentioned jurisdictions.

Our services comprise:

  • IP strategy
  • Assisting both domestic and foreign clients in securing and enforcing intellectual property rights (both registered and unregistered)
  • Licensing
  • Negotiation
  • Pre-evaluation
  • Litigation

We can provide legal assistance within all fields of intellectual property, as well as conflicts relating to domain names, counterfeiting and border control etc.

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