Terms of Service


Oslo Patentkontor is a private consulting firm that offers services to inventors and companies in all areas of intellectual property rights.

The following terms of service apply to all services that Oslo Patentkontor AS (hereinafter “Oslo Patentkontor”) renders for you as a client and which may mean that we can act on your behalf, unless otherwise agreed (e.g., we might agree on a fixed price for a service bundle).


Our work means that we often have insight into our clients’ know how and business secrets. It is a prerequisite for our business that such information is processed in a satisfactory manner. Over time we will also work with more players in the same technical field. This means that our employees eventually build up a unique technical and legal competence within a wide area. This competence also benefits you, but we wish to emphasize that we strive to prevent confidential information from being compromised.

Oslo Patentkontor is a member of FONIP and a number of foreign industry organizations such as UNION, FICPI and AIPPI, and undertakes to safeguard your interests in a professional manner. Oslo Patentkontor complies with the FICPI Code of Ethics. This means, among other things, that all our employees have a duty of confidentiality regarding information they receive. In the event of a conflict of interest between our clients or a possibility thereof, we reserve the right to refuse to act on behalf of one or both parties in the current case.

Performance of Services

All assignments should be instructed in writing and are valid as an agreement when confirmed by Oslo Patentkontor.

We ask you to provide a contact person with whom we will communicate. Any change of contact person or change of company name and address must be notified immediately. All correspondence from Oslo Patentkontor will be sent to the specified address, and we will not assume any liability for loss of rights if the contact information given is incorrect or outdated.

Our preferred method of communication is email unless an original document is required. Please let us know if you would like to receive correspondence from us in a form other than a standard email.

To ensure that your email messages are processed correctly, we ask you to copy any time-sensitive messages to mail@oslopatent.no or tm@oslopatent.no.

All the necessary information must be made available to us, such as information on inventors and applicants, how the applicant derives the rights to an invention, etc., and you must obtain any necessary documents. Oslo Patentkontor must also have the power to act on your behalf before public authorities and to sign applications on your behalf.

Oslo Patentkontor will inform you of any inquiries, statements or submissions from authorities and any counterparties, as well as deadlines that you must relate to. In order for us to be able to safeguard your interests in the best possible manner, you are required to provide us with accurate, exhaustive and timely information and instructions. Oslo Patentkontor is not responsible for loss of rights caused by missing, inaccurate, incorrect or delayed instructions.


Oslo Patentkontor may in some cases engage third parties to carry out an assignment, such as an external translator or a foreign agent. We assume no responsibility for work performed by third parties, but strive to choose the best possible player. We have a well-established network of agents abroad.

Please note that all inquiries to/from external actors must go through Oslo Patentkontor, unless otherwise agreed. Patent and trademark applicants are very often contacted by foreign “catalogue owners” who offer to publish the application/patent/registration in a register for a substantial fee. These are worthless services and we encourage you to contact us if you receive inquiries where there is doubt as to whether the sender is trustworthy or not.


We hold the instructing party responsible for payments unless we have received written notice that the costs are to be covered by a third party.

We draw your attention to the fact that the cost of an assignment is not limited to filing costs, but that additional costs will be incurred throughout the duration of the assignment.

We always focus on our customers’ interests. However, we cannot guarantee that an application will be granted. Our fees are due regardless of the outcome of the case.

All the time spent in carrying out an assignment will be billed, including meetings, telephone conversations, docketing of bibliographic data in our case management system, sending reminders and reporting of letters that we as your agent receive. Some of our work is invoiced at fixed prices according to our schedule of charges. Most services are, however, billed based on time spent, according to our current hourly rates, unless we have agreed on a fixed price. In the case of a rush assignment, we reserve the right to bill rush fees. On request, we can provide you with a non-binding estimate of costs connected to the completion of an assignment. We will let you know if the costs will differ significantly from what was stated. Please note that prices quoted are exclusive of VAT.

Throughout the assignment we are entitled to incur expenses on your behalf that are necessary for the execution of the assignment. If we engage a third party, this will be connected with expenses that will be billed. We can only provide non-binding estimates of expenses to foreign agents.

We reserve the right to perform credit checks specifically of new clients. We may request prepayment before we provide services.

Customer Portal

We provide a free customer portal, where you gain access to all your ongoing cases. Please contact us if you wish to access this portal.


You will find our privacy notice on our website. Please contact us if you have any questions in this respect.