About us

Oslo Patentkontor AS is a private consulting firm that assists Norwegian and international companies and individuals with registering and enforcing intellectual property rights (IPR). From trademark, design and patent to the strategic planning of how to best protect their rights and sources of income, we help our clients (at any phase of their development) at all levels by offering them tailor made services.

With more than a hundred years in the industry, we have very good expertise and a broad experience in securing suitable protection both domestically and abroad within any industry sector.

We have a large network of foreign partners and are represented in all major Norwegian and international professional organizations.

Oslo Patentkontor has roots dating back to 1911 and is one of the country’s oldest intellectual property rights consultant offices.

An important foundation was created in 1927 when Alf B. Bryn left his father’s company and started by himself. Alf B. Bryn was a colorful person with interests spanning from mountaineering and fiction writing to intellectual property. Bryn was an engineer but received his philosophical doctorate for a paper concerning inventive merit. His issue with comments to the Norwegian Patents Act from 1910 was printed in 1938 and is frequently referred to in Courts cases even today.

Today the company is owned by its employees. This ensures not only commitment, but also enthusiasm, engagement and a will to excel.